Family pictures are meant to be treasured and showed to near and dear ones..!!

They are hallmarks of the family’s best times and a true mark of the family’s spirit. The following pictures are the weirdest ones ever seen and speak loads about the family members.

1.Dressed in their best


Preparing the entire family for this shot beats everything! Everybody is dressed in their birthday suits and seems very happy about it. It reminds one of the pictures from the Renaissance Period but the subject could not be more innovative. The pyramid shape from the base to the tip with the small child guarding the sides shows a clever way of dealing with the nudity without making it look grouse.

33 Women polices who are better at being a Police than any men around..!!

A lot has been spoken about the patriarchal society and how men have had overshadowed the growth of women. Well to do away with that trend, people, from around the globe took it upon themselves, to speak in detail about every woman that they came across. This is another one of such tribute towards the powerful police officers, who break the shackles of gender stereotyping and make heads turn for whom and what they stand for. These women are a matter of extreme pride for every individual existing in this world and thus, let’s take a look at the 33 powerful women police officers from around the world.

1.Austrian law enforcement officers with a twist.

This here is the image of the women police officers, from Austria who deserves a special mention. Amidst their hard work and extremely challenging environment that they have to strive in, these two police officers have found their moment of bliss, which they are enjoying.

Woman Puts Her Wedding Dress on Fire and Rejoices On Her Divorce.!!

Remember those days, when one would sit back in their comfortable clothing and wait for their heart to heal? When everything would come down to sad music, fattening food, a lot of tissues and of course mind numbing pain in one’s heart, all these to satiate the void created in one’s heart because they had a breakup. But the era brought about a new trend and change in the mindset of people. Women have stopped being the damsel and have taken the horse, and made a dash for some vengeance town.

1. Katlyn McKee, who had been married for four years, had an eventual fall out with her husband, decided, that she no longer wanted to be tied to the baggage of the relationship. To set herself free, she did something that is ‘unthinkable’- she set her wedding dress on fire.

Katlynn McKee got married in a stunning $1,500 wedding gown five years ago.

Valeria Lukyanova: The Living Barbie


Barbie has been the definition of beauty for most of the kids. If time is to be relieved, it can be seen that women across the world anteed nothing but to have the ‘Barbie’ life. Children across the globe are keen on knowing what Barbie and Ken are up to with their lives, because back in the time, there were no social media. But, for Valeria Lukyanova, 27, it’s a whole new story.

#1 The Living Barbie

She is living her dream life. She does not desire to know what Barbie is up to, in her life, because she is the living Barbie. Valeria is the girl who looks exactly like the plastic doll, and she is making money out of it, because- precision. Another close acquaintance of the real life Barbie, Olga Oleynik, shares her aspiration and inspiration and resembles that of the plastic doll.


#2 Barbie as inspiration

To put things into perspective, Valeria never used to look like the replica of the plastic doll. She was quite the blonde, human, or to be precise, the lady with regular statistics. But, she got motivated to change her appearance and so she did. Valeria soon got herself operated. She does not completely disagree on getting her body changed, through the operation but denies to have done anything to her face.

Yet, it is impossible to believe that she hasn’t gotten herself through any surgical procedure when it comes to her face. The chin has gotten narrower and her face is rather a heart shaped one, post her Barbie-like a makeover.  To go with her theme, she only possesses skimpy clothing and has bleached her hair into peroxide blonde.


#3 Statistics that should put people in awe:

The plastic doll has been the reference point of the perfect body image, as to be followed in the glamor world. It is not only impossible to have something of that sort but is extremely unhealthy. Yet, Valeria has even managed to beat that. For instance, her body statistics is something as follows: 34.6-18.5-34.6. Whereas, had Barbie been a life size doll or had she been existing in real life, she would have been somewhere around 39-18-33.

The best part about her transformation is that she does not only match in the statistics, as Barbie but is proportionate like the doll. With her stats, Valeria is about 45kgs or 99lbs of weight. This might have been alarming to most of the people around the world, but Valeria who was previously 42kgs or 92lbs of weight was concerned about her weight gain.


#4 Under the Knife

Most of those who had attempted at gaining some unnatural weight, or reduce them, or even enhance a certain body part have gone under the knife. Valeria is no different. She claims to have had been under the knife just once, but not everybody agrees with that. According to the Barbie-like-girl, she had gotten a breast implant to almost double her size and that is about it. But when consulted with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Teplyashina, he claims there might have been an added nose job to enhance her look.


#5 What does she eat?

It is quite obvious that Valeria would have a strict diet to follow, to maintain her lanky figure and a tight waist. Firstly, she had been on a juice diet to keep her body off of any toxin and to go through a detox period for four months. Then, she had been on an all liquid diet. Following this trend, she has maintained her really tiny waist and her proportionate body. That being said, Valeria was also following a raw meat diet, which she credits to have been the reason behind her unnatural weight.


#6 Maintenance

Although Valeria seems to have denied any further alteration of her body parts through surgery, other than the breast augmentation, it is impossible to believe that it is the whole truth. First of all, her tiny waist is something that strikes the eyes of most of the onlookers. The specialists believe that it is impossible to have such a strikingly tiny waist, without removing one or two ribs from her body. Contrary to such beliefs, Valeria claims that she hits the gym regularly to attain such a perfect figure.


#7 The face that matters

The Barbie girl denies of having any surgery done to her face and claims to have her own face. She simply credits her look on a heavy usage of makeup to enhance her look. To top that off, Valeria even applies blue iris colored contact lens on top of her green eyes, to look exactly like that to Barbie, the doll.


#8 Hobbies of a kind

Valeria believes in spiritual practices, meditation, and even mountain hiking with her husband. She is living, under the notion that she belongs to a different universe and that she can live without food. She even thinks that she will survive with solar energy. She is a firm believer in the fact that people can leave their physical body and traverse the path, less traveled, along with their spiritual body. It is this act of transcending worlds that allows individuals to have great freedom and an even greater potential. Plus, aside all these she also makes appearances at shows as the Human Barbie.


# 9 Diet, Diet

Surprisingly, although raw meat has been credited for Valeria’s trimmed waist, she is a vegetarian. She lives on the shakes and juices acquired from the raw vegetables and with this she survives. But Valeria is planning on quitting her food habits and even the further intake of any sort of food, at all. She intends on surviving on sunlight or solar energy. She believes that when the sunlight won’t be able to sustain her, her life force which is also known as prana will pick up a slack, of sorts.


#10 Why is Barbie inspiring?

Valeria, a mere child of 5, was extremely inspired by the way these dolls would look. She had collected over 50 dolls and was stern at remaking herself into a life-size model of the Barbie. This doll was the epitome of beauty standards for way too long and Valeria had taken it seriously, it appears.


#11 What happened before her transformation?

Valeria does not refrain from admitting that she used to be quite the party girl before she chose to transform herself. She was a bit too fond of hard liquor and would smoke as well. In 2007, she had graduated after completing her master’s degree from the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture in Ukraine. She claims to have been a pro at drinking a row of shots at one go. She even had committed suicide in her teens, by in taking a bottle of pills.


#12 Barbie and Ken match made in heaven?

For Barbie cannot live without her true love Ken, it is only fitting that human Barbie should fall in love with human Ken. But, alas! That is not the case. Human Ken and Human Barbie, Justin Jedica, had met Valeria for a feature in the Insider edition in New York in February 2013 and hated each other. Justin has had over 100 plastic surgeries done to his body, spending over $100,000 on himself. He has had work done on his buttock, chin, eyebrows, nose jobs and even pectoral implants. With all these work done on him, Justin had the audacity to call Valeria a fake looking model. To which, Valeria had a fitting answer, that he has had over 100 surgeries while she has only 1 done on herself. Well, it appears that Barbie won this fight, this time.


#13 Ms. Diamond Crown

In 2017, Valeria did not only slowly transcend towards the world of Barbie, but she had also won the Ms. Diamond Crown, for the Ukraine residents. This controversial beauty pageant would only host contestants who have some kind of a plastic surgery done to themselves, and Valeria had won the crown. Although she does not look like the full-fledged Barbie, that she looks like, at present, but it indicates that she surely looks a lot like someone who has had a certain plastic surgery done to herself. At this point, her features look a lot sharper.

#14 The personal life

Valeria is married to her wealthy Ukrainian businessman husband Dmitry Shkrabov. She claims that her parents are very cool and even has a brother named Ivan. She even has a younger sister called Olga. In the photo, below, one can see the uncanny resemblance between the mother and the daughter.

In certain interviews, Valeria has stated that she refrains from any kinds of animal urges. To add to that, she claims that both she and her husband is from some alternate universe. In this universe, children do not exist. She even states that it is better to stay away from so called love. Valeria is against over-eating and in any kind of over-indulgent behavior of any sort.


#15 Her daily Life

The daily duties of Valeria involve working as a photo-model. Other than her daily chore which involves waking up and following her life s a Barbie, she is also a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel. Residing currently in Odessa Ukraine, Valeria plans on leaving for America. Olga, her other friend, has her boyfriend in the U.S and even Valeria’s husband can expand her business in America as well. Thus, it is a fair deal for everyone. her-daily-life

These 28 Pictures having fun with statues

Whichever city you visit, you will come across various types of statues. Some of them carry historical values while some others are just there to enhance the view of the streets. It can be the statues of some important personalities of the historical era and even statues of animals. Whatever the case may be statues do help the passersby to click innovative photographs as well as learn new things.

But you must have come across people who love to do pranks with such statues. These people are innovative, no doubt. They put their creativity in making such funny pictures with the statues that are surely hilarious. Here are some of those pictures, taken by such pranksters which are sure to make you feel that they are painfully funny!

  1. Hold me like this forever!

The pose that this lady gave with this beast statue is simply wonderful. It seems as if she has been helping up in the arms of the bear. This is the perfect moment and it can be named as “The Beauty and The Beast”.


Siblings, love and a bliss


Siblings are God’s way of teaching people how to be patient. They are not only annoying, they always keep a tab on each other and their wrong doings and moreover, they are always there, keeping a keen eye. Yet, that is the point. Siblings are always there for one another. It might be a hard day, and people might not care too much about an individual, but the siblings will never forget their other half. The siblings will make sure that they rectify each other’s mistakes; they will also be the wing man, when in need. They will tell everything, to the parents, and then, they will also help one and guide them through difficult times. Here is some of the photographic proof that the love between siblings are all transcending and pure, in every form.

  1. Fun and frolic

Even before peers and friends could invade the space of one’s life, siblings are there to have plenty of fun and to make mistakes. From making a fort and building snowmen and then sitting on a vegetable box or a basket and rolling down the stair, all can be achieved with the sibling, which one loves to fight with. It is only with the sibling that everything seems like a fun adventure. Sure, friends do make a better company, but with siblings, everything is easy and incredibly interesting. Who would know about that secret place in the house? Who else will have an idea about the buried trash of chocolate that has been kept hidden from the looming eyes of the parents?


  1. A fun escape

An escapade or not, but the picture shows that any decision sounds better, when it with your sibling. Trying to climb the fence, even when the door can be opened, or trying to do silly things would hurt less, when it is with the other half of your gang.


  1. It is never about the age

The best part about having a sibling is that, no matter what the circumstances are, the older one is bound to love the younger one and vice versa, because of blood ties. Not only that, they have always been together. The younger one, no matter what the age difference is had seen their older siblings and had followed their path to growing and flourish, in life. They have and always will be the inspiration. And for the older siblings, the younger ones are the most adorable toy and companion they could have ever asked for. The picture above shows the kind of adoration a little toddler has for its younger, newly born, mushball of a sibling, whom he absolutely adores.


  1. The conspiracy theory

A true partner in crime is the one who not only executes the plan but who will be of help while planning it. There is nothing like a sibling to share a good laugh and a great gossip with. Little people, the ones with the purest of intentions, should never be devoid of any company because it is always better when there is a shoulder to lean on. For the sisters on the above-shown picture, they have found something, incredibly funny to share amongst each other and nothing can come between them and their pure moment of joy.

The conspiracy theory

  1. Recreating emotions

If only one could get their childhood back. Recreating old pictures, while life was much easier should be a trend, which everyone should follow. The brothers could recreate the fondest of their memories and relive that moment where nothing could come their way. They look silly, yet, satisfied. They are happy and that can be seen in the ways they are having fun. Needless to say, this was probably one of the best days of their lives.

Recreating emotions

  1. The perfect joy

Sharing may not be the cup of tea for every single individual, but when it comes to sharing a moment of sheer joy, it can be enjoyed best when it’s with one’s family. For the moment, this picture was taken; the siblings were in the middle of enjoying their delicacies- a Popsicle. Summers can be hard and tiring, but what makes summer a little more joyous is the time when the Popsicle comes out of the freezer and gets handed over to the rightful owners. It is these moments of absolute bliss that the siblings are enjoying in their solace.


  1. Bonding

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to expect from the future. But, such is life. This is probably the reason why everyone needs someone to share their agony with, and wait impatiently for what might come next. The two sisters are probably awaiting for what the fate has in store for them, but together. So, no matter what is presented before them, they will have each other to fall back on.


  1. Can I play?

It is unfair for the little child to have to wait for her sibling to grow up. It is unfair that they both are this cute, and yet, she is being barred from getting a small window to pick her sibling up and make memories. Thus, the toddler took it upon herself, to climb a stool and find her way into the little baby’s life and make a lasting impression, for she will be that child’s biggest support in life.


  1. The good, bad and the daily chores

It might not be a very pretty sight to witness someone while they are in the middle of their daily chores. But what about the siblings? They have seen each other in conditions which might just be beyond embarrassing for anyone to handle.  Thus, even while brushing with your sibling it can be a fun time, because who will judge you, while you make faces in front of the mirror.


  1. Moment of peace

There can be nothing more endearing than knowing that there is someone to help one out. The little kid, helping her sister to tie the jacket, to keep her warm. Or the three babies, sleeping together, knowing that nothing bad can happen to them, are those moments of absolute bliss, which can make even the toughest cry. This is the point of time, which teaches everyone how naive every single individual is at their moments of birth. This is probably the ages when people are the most vulnerable because neither do they have the wisdom to survive what is awaiting for them and nor do they have the physical ability to fight off the problems, yet, they are the happiest.


Girl next door turns into their favorite celebrities

The glamor world has its way with convincing little girls about the kind of body image which is ‘acceptable’ in the world. Most of the people have gone to the length of getting their faces and appearances surgically treated to attain such beauty. But what if one can transform herself, completely, into celebrity and does not even have to go under the knife, for once? Such is the power of makeup.

Makeup is truly a revolutionary invention. Not only can it change the skin tone of a person, but it can even make anyone attain a completely different look, by the proper application of it. There are several things to keep in mind, that is, that the structure of a certain face cannot be fully changed with the help of a makeup tool. One can always appear to look slimmer or tone their body parts with the help of certain products, but they cannot change the placement of a certain bone or look absolutely different. Anyway, here are some of the women, transforming themselves into their favorite celebrities:

1. Magic? Or Makeup?
This lady transforms herself into the international beauty- Penelope Cruz, just by changing her attire and with the help of some tools. She is just a regular human being or a woman to be precise, with no makeup on. The problem with that is, she looks nothing like the star. But, what the other picture reveals is astonishing. Not only a little highlighter, foundation, and concealer take her a long way, into celebrity land, but she looks nothing like her own-self.


2. Girl next door or Julia Roberts?
Okay, this is straight up uncanny. This girl looks nothing like the gorgeous and extremely talented Julia, but her transformation tells a very different tale. It would be a delight for the fanatics of the superstar if they could ever come across this girl. She not only transforms herself entire through makeup and the type of clothing she chooses but her hair too, does justice to the look she has opted for.

Check out these 20 photos taken right before a disaster had followed

It is weird as to what the perfect timing might bring in front of people. For one thing, they might just be a hilarious thing that one has ever witnessed, while on the other hand there are certain pictures, on which, the moments captured, did not bode well with the people in them. These pictures are extremely interesting, but they are equally terrifying because what must have followed next was not the kind of thing anybody would want to witness in real life. The following are some of the pictures, which were taken, prior to some accident and while some are hilarious, the rest of it is a bit too gruesome.

  1. Cheering someone or some occasion, with a certain level of passion can take a gruesome and very embarrassing turn. This man must have been too happy and the woman must have hit her glass too hard. Leading the beer glass of the man’s to shatter into gazillion pieces, leading to a spill of beer, ruining the food and the appetite of the people involved and basically making a mess, which could have been avoided. But nonetheless, had these events not unfolded, people who are looking at this photo would not have had such an amazing time, laughing.


  1. The goat is soaring very high

If only it was common knowledge that goats could be this scary and can jump this high, in an attempt to hurt someone, no one would have kept them as pets. There is something too sinister about the goat’s demeanor and the way the girl is jumping off of her feet, speaks a lot about how petrified she must have been. Imagine a goat tumbling upon your street and jumping at you to attack.


  1. The wheelies that went terribly wrong

Bike stunts can go in a very different direction if they are not done by experts. That being said, this man must have had no idea as to what his future had in store for him. The wheelie expert must have fallen straight onto his face, causing immense pain to himself and about that face, well, let’s hope that he could save it from any harm. This is possibly the reason why it is of immense importance that people who would participate in stunts, to take great precautions.


  1. Stunt went wrong and the man landed on his face

The previous one was truly ridiculous and the guy could have saved himself from getting hurt in any way. But for this cyclist trying his hands on some stunts, he must have had it. The cyclist must have lost control of his bike, letting it go was not probably the thing he had determined, and what happened rest, was the reason why he had to be hospitalized for days. The onlookers must have had a rough day to see the bike totaled up completely and the cyclist losing his balance and hitting the floor in a much-mangled manner.


  1. Raindrops? or did all the hell break lose?

It was all fun and frolic in the base that day. This man working hard to save the nation had never foreseen what his partner might have in store for him. While he attempted to take a nice picture with the service plane, his companion had a little mischief to pull on him. He had a bucket of water dropped on the poor man, and that made everyone happy. Although, the one who got drenched, he probably, had a very different opinion.


  1. Unprecedented events, which no one is supposed to ever face

Having a nice time with friends, by the pool? Chatting away to glory? You must keep your eyes open, or there might be a little accident waiting to happen. This boy in his gorgeous white t-shirt must have no idea what is going to happen seconds later the picture is taken. He probably was chatting away with his friends making fun and thinking about the good time he was having until the ball had hit him.


  1. Watch it for you might get hurt for your actions

Pets truly are a bundle of joy, especially when they act plain dumb. This dog must have no idea that it was his tail that he had been trying to munch on. Have you ever witnessed a dog, going in circles trying to scratch or get hold of its tail? This dog too must have been really bothered about its tail and tried to take a bite of it, until it realized that his action had consequences and not of the right kind.


  1. Food, stay or I will be crying for the rest of my life

This is probably the worst thing to happen to anyone. The foods that are being served on a beautiful plate, is always meant to be eaten. For this woman, the cake she had intentions of devouring, had different plans for itself. The cake being wobbly and the woman being callous, it must have toppled off, which is a rather common occurrence with brilliantly made cakes. It was a very sad day for everyone in and around that table because good food wasted is like a precious life lost.


  1. It’s just ice, said the one throwing it on my face

The cold winter days brings along with them the joyous moments for a person who loves to play. But for this lad, he had a pretty rough time recovering from the moment a huge chunk of snow had hit the side of his face. He must have been really lucky, that it had not hit him square in his eyes, but the person throwing this snow on him might have thrashed a little for his actions. Otherwise, a good snow fight must have ensued, making it a day to remember.


  1. Stand straight silly wolf or you will get hurt

There is a very powerful saying that states that, while lions and tigers are considered to be the most powerful creature of the jungle, a wolf has never performed in a circus. Well, true. But does that necessarily mean that a wolf is the macho-est of all the animals? Well, like any human being, even a wolf has its days. For instance, this poor guy had no clue how it would land on the ground, once it had taken a leap into the air. The moment it landed, head first, onto the ground it must have regretted its previous action. For one thing, the reaction on its face is absolutely adorable and hilarious, at the same time.


  1. Kitty had a rough day as the water dropped on his face

There are cat owners who would always complain as to how high maintenance their cats are and how these cats would walk about the house with an heir about themselves. Although, these characteristics of the cats are highly judged by every pet owner, regardless of the kind of pet they own, but there is something very silly about these cats. They are fluffy and tiny and most unaware of what is going on in the world. This makes them take wrong actions. For instance, this cat must have tried to fetch something from the counter top and what happened to it, was, it was hit by a splash of water, which was not what it had in mind.


  1. Never play Frisbee for it might hurt

Frisbee is banned in this household. This dog must have been having the time of its life, playing fetch with its master. He must be enjoying the moment that it has been blessed with, only to get hit by a Frisbee? Well, from the moment this flying something had hit the dog, in a place, it should never hit, it took it upon itself to never get back on the ground to play with this saucer-like thing, which is hurtful and disgusting and comes about from nowhere.


  1. The subject of the picture has changed

This boy with a physique, which is quite the dream of many women, must have been trying to take an impressive photo of him, but something went wrong. If you look closely on to what is happening right behind him, you will notice an old lady falling on the water of the pool. The most interesting part, the lady must have no ideas to what had happened to her after she had hit the water. This is not the kind of posture one would have, if they were thrown into the water or pushed. This is the kind of posture one has when they have no idea and they are simply slipping away into the water.


  1. Drunk much for the alcohol is all over the suit

What must have followed this action of taking the photograph was an embarrassing moment for all. Firstly, the man who must have been a little too drunk must have no idea what was going on and the people who got drenched into alcohol, must have a pretty rough day soaking themselves. Now, the thing is, this photo will be there for the rest of one’s life. Although it can be the butt of jokes for the times to come, but for that moment, it was something which must have been truly embarrassing


  1. She flew and then, possibly, broke her face

So she flew without a plane, into thin air, but broke herself. This is not the lines taken from a very depressing story, but these words describe everything that is happening in the picture. Just because a catapult is made with planks of wood, does not necessarily mean for anyone to try them out. The weight of the plank must have been too much and the people must have moved to farther away, making the plank to topple and throwing off the lady with the skirt on into thin air. That being said, such stunts must not be attempted.


  1. Baby boy goes vroom and the father had a hard time

It is a very proud moment for a father to see his son take a good drive in their car and make them launch themselves as a good driver. But for this dad, although the son must have a racer written in bold in his fate, but his fate had witnessed an unimaginable turn of events. The little plank made for the boy must have given him enough chances to take a good leap and thus, fall on the ground, but the dad had lost track of where he was going. He very clearly had fallen down and it must have hit him hard


  1. Move maybe for it might be life threatening

It is either that the girl is brave and nonchalant about how big the wave is, and is fully prepared to fight against the tide, or she is just unaware. The wave must have hit her hard, splashing water all over the place and taking her into a different world, altogether. This was probably not the best day for the girl. She could have enjoyed the view from afar, but the nonchalant posture signifies as to how little she must have known about the power of such waves.


  1. Slipping away into shame town?

Slides are really funny for they can make people go dizzy and enjoy themselves at the same time. But for this pet dog, he must have toppled down the slide and smashing himself right into the ground. It was hurtful and not the kind of fun it was hoping for. But for the sake of it, his demeanor is hilarious and one would give everything to see such a face.


  1. Reading got to her

Here is a reason why people should read more and not just play with the books. This girl, getting hit by a book, is not the funniest thing that can happen to anyone. First of all, the book is not the smallest thing known, and it is not the softest thing known to mankind. She must have had a red spot with a tiny bulge, on the place the book had hit her for quite some time and that is not a very good thing.


24 Never Seen Nightclub Pictures

People make funny dress up just because to get importance among the rest. Their dressing sense is so funny that a character has come out from the most of the comic book. They regard this as a medium of entertainment and enjoy this at the depth of their heart.

  1. Dance demands you for having snacks!

People dance by putting all their effort. Especially girls, they get involved in dancing so much that started demanding snacks. It’s not that you are fat and so you demand food. But girls who diet demand for having some light snacks or heavy.


2. Friends are for fun:

When you go out with your friends you love to entertain yourself. Friends are the synonym of entertainment. You forgot all your pain when you get the company of loving friends. You go to a club and enjoy your drinks by doing so much fun with them.


3. A Whole lot of tanning

If the night clubs would host a tanning competition, these party animals are sure to get rewarded. They have taken self-tanning or tanning of any sort to a whole new level.


4. Nightclub is even open for stranger

The night club is for entertaining yourself. Whether you are a stranger or common friends you will enjoy yourself once you enter the club. You will live many special moments with people who go there regularly. It named as night club but once you enter it much brighter than a day.


5. Learned the pose before clicking the photo

Give up those traditional ways of clicking the photos. Sitting idle like a posture and keeping a smile is really boring. Click photos with great style. Make yourself smart and smile in such a way that you enjoying it. Your pose must be perfect and real.


 6. How do you feel when somebody forcibly hugs you?

It’s really embarrassing when any girl hug a man in front of everybody especially when you don’t want to hug her. She might be so healthy that you failed to hold her even for a second. Dealing with such an embarrassing situation is really difficult.


7. What really broke your bones?

Seeing the hot and beautiful lady in front of you, make you feel so uneasy. You cannot assure yourself that whether you are dreaming or it is real one. You try to catch them but unfortunately you meet with an accident. In an attempt to touch them you accidently broke your bones.


8. How man enjoys the nightclubs by holding girls in your arm?

Nightclub always asks to come in a couple. Boys and girls enjoy each other company. They drink and dance by holding each other, in order to entertain their self. Boys hold girls in such a way that they could be able to enjoy by viewing their secret parts.


9. Nightclub VS entertainment

The night club is a medium of entertainment. Girls enjoy with their partner by doing so many entertaining things. Girls sit on boys’ shoulder shouting with great loud and trying to express their happiness. The boys wear stylish and fashionable dresses to entertain the boys as well their self.


10. You cannot allow any stranger to hold you.

In night club people look for a good company. You can get that by catching someone stranger. You try to hold her but reality is something else. The lady doesn’t wish to be shaken by someone, whom you don’t know him properly.


11. Creative club dresses to win award

People even dress up like some creative one. They do win award from the club. Their dressing sense is whether vulgar or decent, it does not matter to them. They put their attention in gaining fame among the rest member of the club.


12. A better way of clicking photos

Girls love to click photos in a stylish way. They dress up well by wearing stylish and fashionable dress up and click images to store it as a memory for future. They look so happy and beautiful in classic style. Their happiness reveals on their face.


13. The Nightclub has disadvantages too

When you go to night club it seems very nice from outside but when you enter the inner part you will realize that something wrong could take place. The boys get crazy for girls and try to touch the secret parts of your body.


14. Another way to drink beer

Club force you to drink beer. Without drinking beer in the club is no entertainment. It’s really looking so embarrassing. But people have left those traditional methods of drinking beer in the cub. They enjoy drinking by throwing beer on your face. They try to drink two bottles together and much more.


15. Couple plans to spend some romantic moment in club

Couples go to a club to spend some romantic moment with their beloved ones. They hold each other in their arm. The couples hug while dancing and even kiss each other so that they could spend those moments as romantic as possible.


16. Nightclub is an entertainment package

People enjoy a lot in a night club. They make so much fun with friends. Entering the door of the club is like putting your leg at the door of entertainment. But sometimes you had some bitter experience when something unexpected things goes with you.


17.Girls live a romantic moment in club

When girls started enjoying the club at night they don’t even realize what they are trying to do it. They are so drunk that they started doing some naughty things with young boys. They become so sexy that they force men to touch their private parts.


18. Things always don’t go as you want

In the club, boys look for hot and sexy girls, with whom they make some fun. Similarly, girls too look for some Tom Dick Harry. When they get them they enjoy each other company. But when boys get the company of some unexpected girls whom you don’t even want to talk is really embarrassing when she forcibly touches you.


19. Unexpected enjoyment

Club is for enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy it, then it has no difference between home and club. It has no limitation. You can drink, dance, joke, and much more which have the desire to do it. But sometimes things may go wrong with you. You may injure yourself while having fun.


20. Beer has some cost

People at night club drinks lots of bears as they considered it as the part of the enjoyment. Instead of drinking the beer they waste it more. They don’t bother for its cost. They flow the beer o the floor without any second thought. They all considered it as the part of the entertainment.


21. Nightclub demands the personality of individual

It’s not that because it is a nightclub, you can do whatever you feel like doing. You need to behave in such a manner that you could be considered as an ass in the club. You need to maintain your personality and status in front of everybody.


22. Does Nightclub allow any animal to enter it?

People have the passion for taking an animal like goat dog etc I night club for entertainment. They want to enjoy the club with the company of their pet. They wish that night club could allow them to come with their pet then how much of fun they would have made.


23. Overview of night club

When you try to look at the night club then you would see that how much this young generation is making fun. They are so lean in their enjoyment that they could even realize the word out of this club. It seems like their whole world is in the club only.


24. How club looks like when it is empty?

A club without its crowd is like a zoo without its animal. It’s so calm and quiet when we look at the upper portion of the club. But when you look at the floor then you realize that even a dustbin is much cleaner than the night club.


15 pictures too gorgeous to be true


A photographer is not the most skillful person that one would ever come across. He is simply a man who dares to look around. He is the optimist who finds a story even in the horrific of tales. What adds to his story? The beauty of nature!

For time and beyond, nature has been the muse of most of the photographers who has thrived in this business. The impeccable way of holding things, which one cannot even imagine to have existed on the planet, to being the subject of romanticism for all the creative people, Mother Nature has things up her sleeve.

There are places, events, stories, yet to be unfolded by regular men, with their regular lifestyle. Can you imagine paving your way and wading through the heavy formation of clouds, like an airplane? Can you jump off into a well, so gorgeous, it is almost as though luring you in to suck you into the oblivion of its beauty? Here are some of the photographic proof of how beautiful Mother Nature is, and how incredibly talented photographers are to have caught these images, in time.

  1. Paradise?

This is not a fictional picturization of the Garden of Eden. This is the cave of the mountain river or the Hang Sơn Đoòng, in Vietnam. This is what is known as the solutional cave and inside this cave is the subterranean river. This cave, in recent years, has been credited as the largest known cave passage cross section in the world. But keeping the facts aside, this cave is beautiful and in every true sense of the words.


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  1. Making way through the clouds

If only we humans were lucky enough to make our way through the heavy cloud formation and take a long walk into that ‘eternal’ sunshine. The plane is cutting through the soft, cotton-like cloud formation. The mighty aircraft looks like that speck of dust that would accumulate on the pile of cotton left behind on the counter. What a truly astonishing phenomenon.


  1. Perfection

A surfer’s dream, this picture had best selected as one of the best pictures in a photography exhibition. And there is no reason why it shouldn’t win. If the technicalities are to be overlooked completely, this picture is soothing to the eyes. The water, which is both ruthless, and incessantly trying to gulp the surfer down, on the contrary, the sky, remains calm with its glistening glory of a rainbow, adorning every bit of it. The blue sky remains complementary to the green water of the ocean and the waves, and what adds to the glory? the lonely surfer making his way through the waves.


  1. The leap

This picture is extremely symbolic. This place is known as the Jacob’s Well, which exists the Texas Hill Country, which actually is a perennial karstic spring. The two children are taking their leap into the well, to find themselves within the core of nature, in the water. Unaware of what the future might bring, these two kids are having the fun of their life, in probably, the most beautiful place on this planet.

The leap

  1. Mandrill’s Wisdom

This primate Old World Monkey, the Mandrill, looks like it has attained the ultimate revelation and salvation and is in his path to freedom. The calm on his face and the way he is holding up his hand make him that old world soul, which knows of things he is hesitant to let go. The timing of the photographer is commendable and the mandrill has an aura about himself, which is extremely calming.


  1. Dried up and beautiful

A boat, in its dilapidated condition remains to lie in the middle of a dried up canal of the Czech Republic. What a wonderful concept with a meaningful message. The picture tells so many tales of loneliness, the way the boat has lost its only purpose in life and yet, it stands tall, within the dried up body of what could have sustained its life’s purpose.


  1. Chilli and the boy

Amidst the garden of the reddest of the chilies, stands a little boy. Piling them into a single file and making way for himself to stand and not perish. These dried up chilies will be powdered for the world to consume and to use them for making delectable dishes, which the little boy is unaware of.


  1. Leap of faith

A six-foot leap and soon the antelope was out of bounds for its predator. While the lion made its way into a grueling fight with its meal, the antelope dared to take a long leap into nothingness. The best part is that it had survived it a predator, and will live to tell another tale of what hindrances he had to face.


  1. To stand tall

Nature never ceases to astonish the people inhabiting the earth. The above-shown photograph shows the serenity in the gorgeous place of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park which is in the Hunan province of the People’s Republic of China. These pillar-like the formation of the mountains or the landmass gives it the identity of a unique place that exists in the lap of this planet.


  1. Serenity

This picture is everything that is missing from the lives of any normal individual. These are the Buddhist monks, performing their rituals before they let go of the paper lanterns, in Thailand. The monks have gained profound knowledge and that is probably the reason why they can sit down for hours and meditate with a sense of calm.


  1. A picture from the beyond

This photo was taken by a crane operator. This image shows the world as to how beautiful Shanghai is. The cityscape remains illuminated with the sunlight, while the concrete remains the sole ruler of the daily lives of every individual.


  1. Crystal clear

The children do not have the magical power of levitating in thin air, with the boat. They are on the Sabah Lake, in Malaysia, making their way through the water. As unusual a sight, this is, the water here is not contaminated and the plantation beneath has grown in harmony to make living a lot more easily. This is the sight which soothes the hungry soul and makes things look simpler.


  1. Trey Ratcliff

This picture is not an imaginary depiction of the photographer Trey Ratcliff. This is a real bamboo forest which Japan houses within its boundary. The bamboo trees have all grown in unison, with the same length and the same density and with the same distance apart from one another. What joins them together is the beauty it holds within itself.


  1. A midnight dream?

San Francisco, in all its glory, might have all the beautiful things to gloat about, but what is more, alluring is this view. The picture above shows the beautiful San Francisco covered in fog and lit by tiny street lights, giving it the happy vibe.


  1. Creative

A person adept at the various techniques, of what is commonly known as creative Camouflage, a Chinese artist, Liu Bolin has immortalized a part of Venice in his memories. He has become one with the Castello, Venice and has let the beauty of Venice flow through his veins as he depicts the strange stories that the houses might have to tell, through his artistic prowess.