24 Photos make you laugh all day

 Pictures to make one roll on the Floor and Laugh..

There are few things in life which are better not captured in a frame, for one eternity. Yes, pictures are all that one has got, to cherish the moments gone by. But, even though there are times when the world feels like it is giving out a signal, one should stop and think twice about the situation. Think about what might go wrong and if at all this is the kind of memory which one should hang on the wall. Hoping that no such incident is looming around the heads of the readers, here are some of the images which might not make the perfect Christmas card.

1.That’s just wrong


When people would take things to literally, then it might become a problem. For ages women are being exposed to being called chicks, and now, these three girls thought it was wise to get pictured with three chickens? Hoping that this is a joke and nothing more than that might give some solace, but it’s offensive nevertheless. The best part about the picture is that the one wearing the red gown has taken her accessory too seriously. If taken a close look at the picture, she is clutching the chicken like a purse that she is more than comfortable to b seen with. These are the kind of people who should make for president the next time.


Images that make you question – Whole Life..!!!

 Images that will make you question your Whole Life..

The sighting of an UFO can throw any individual off the track. They are always under the impression that it was probably their mind playing tricks on them. But only the fortunate can see a flying saucer. Why should you be deprived? Here are some of the incredibly disturbing images of certain things which might make you question your existence. These are not as unusual as a ghost or an UFO, but their conditions are certainly inexplicable. Try and fathom some of the incredible moments and ponder upon life.

1.Car parking with a new twist



It is too mainstream for people to park their car in the parking lot. Has anyone ever thought of parking their vehicle on the roof? Clearly, this person has. Okay, yes, it is an accident, but, how can anybody just fly like that. Probably Santa Claus is done with the reindeers, clearly because here is too much of a maintenance that is required to be done and has opted for a flying car. And because it was pretty cold outside, the car failed to get its ignition and hence, Santa had to chuck it on the roof to steer clear from getting disclosed. Hoping that this was the case and not a severe incident, here is something for everybody to think about: reconsider your driving abilities.


Valeria Lukyanova: The Living Barbie

Barbie has been the definition of beauty for most of the kids. If time is to be relieved, it can be seen that women across the world anteed nothing but to have the ‘Barbie’ life. Children across the globe are keen on knowing what Barbie and Ken are up to with their lives, because back in the time, there were no social media. But, for Valeria Lukyanova, 27, it’s a whole new story.

#1 The Living Barbie

She is living her dream life. She does not desire to know what Barbie is up to, in her life, because she is the living Barbie. Valeria is the girl who looks exactly like the plastic doll, and she is making money out of it, because- precision. Another close acquaintance of the real life Barbie, Olga Oleynik, shares her aspiration and inspiration and resembles that of the plastic doll.


These 28 Pictures having fun with statues

Whichever city you visit, you will come across various types of statues. Some of them carry historical values while some others are just there to enhance the view of the streets. It can be the statues of some important personalities of the historical era and even statues of animals. Whatever the case may be statues do help the passersby to click innovative photographs as well as learn new things.

But you must have come across people who love to do pranks with such statues. These people are innovative, no doubt. They put their creativity in making such funny pictures with the statues that are surely hilarious. Here are some of those pictures, taken by such pranksters which are sure to make you feel that they are painfully funny!

  1. Hold me like this forever!

The pose that this lady gave with this beast statue is simply wonderful. It seems as if she has been helping up in the arms of the bear. This is the perfect moment and it can be named as “The Beauty and The Beast”.


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