15 pictures too gorgeous to be true


A photographer is not the most skillful person that one would ever come across. He is simply a man who dares to look around. He is the optimist who finds a story even in the horrific of tales. What adds to his story? The beauty of nature!

For time and beyond, nature has been the muse of most of the photographers who has thrived in this business. The impeccable way of holding things, which one cannot even imagine to have existed on the planet, to being the subject of romanticism for all the creative people, Mother Nature has things up her sleeve.

There are places, events, stories, yet to be unfolded by regular men, with their regular lifestyle. Can you imagine paving your way and wading through the heavy formation of clouds, like an airplane? Can you jump off into a well, so gorgeous, it is almost as though luring you in to suck you into the oblivion of its beauty? Here are some of the photographic proof of how beautiful Mother Nature is, and how incredibly talented photographers are to have caught these images, in time.

  1. Paradise?

This is not a fictional picturization of the Garden of Eden. This is the cave of the mountain river or the Hang Sơn Đoòng, in Vietnam. This is what is known as the solutional cave and inside this cave is the subterranean river. This cave, in recent years, has been credited as the largest known cave passage cross section in the world. But keeping the facts aside, this cave is beautiful and in every true sense of the words.


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  1. Making way through the clouds

If only we humans were lucky enough to make our way through the heavy cloud formation and take a long walk into that ‘eternal’ sunshine. The plane is cutting through the soft, cotton-like cloud formation. The mighty aircraft looks like that speck of dust that would accumulate on the pile of cotton left behind on the counter. What a truly astonishing phenomenon.


  1. Perfection

A surfer’s dream, this picture had best selected as one of the best pictures in a photography exhibition. And there is no reason why it shouldn’t win. If the technicalities are to be overlooked completely, this picture is soothing to the eyes. The water, which is both ruthless, and incessantly trying to gulp the surfer down, on the contrary, the sky, remains calm with its glistening glory of a rainbow, adorning every bit of it. The blue sky remains complementary to the green water of the ocean and the waves, and what adds to the glory? the lonely surfer making his way through the waves.


  1. The leap

This picture is extremely symbolic. This place is known as the Jacob’s Well, which exists the Texas Hill Country, which actually is a perennial karstic spring. The two children are taking their leap into the well, to find themselves within the core of nature, in the water. Unaware of what the future might bring, these two kids are having the fun of their life, in probably, the most beautiful place on this planet.

The leap

  1. Mandrill’s Wisdom

This primate Old World Monkey, the Mandrill, looks like it has attained the ultimate revelation and salvation and is in his path to freedom. The calm on his face and the way he is holding up his hand make him that old world soul, which knows of things he is hesitant to let go. The timing of the photographer is commendable and the mandrill has an aura about himself, which is extremely calming.


  1. Dried up and beautiful

A boat, in its dilapidated condition remains to lie in the middle of a dried up canal of the Czech Republic. What a wonderful concept with a meaningful message. The picture tells so many tales of loneliness, the way the boat has lost its only purpose in life and yet, it stands tall, within the dried up body of what could have sustained its life’s purpose.


  1. Chilli and the boy

Amidst the garden of the reddest of the chilies, stands a little boy. Piling them into a single file and making way for himself to stand and not perish. These dried up chilies will be powdered for the world to consume and to use them for making delectable dishes, which the little boy is unaware of.


  1. Leap of faith

A six-foot leap and soon the antelope was out of bounds for its predator. While the lion made its way into a grueling fight with its meal, the antelope dared to take a long leap into nothingness. The best part is that it had survived it a predator, and will live to tell another tale of what hindrances he had to face.


  1. To stand tall

Nature never ceases to astonish the people inhabiting the earth. The above-shown photograph shows the serenity in the gorgeous place of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park which is in the Hunan province of the People’s Republic of China. These pillar-like the formation of the mountains or the landmass gives it the identity of a unique place that exists in the lap of this planet.


  1. Serenity

This picture is everything that is missing from the lives of any normal individual. These are the Buddhist monks, performing their rituals before they let go of the paper lanterns, in Thailand. The monks have gained profound knowledge and that is probably the reason why they can sit down for hours and meditate with a sense of calm.


  1. A picture from the beyond

This photo was taken by a crane operator. This image shows the world as to how beautiful Shanghai is. The cityscape remains illuminated with the sunlight, while the concrete remains the sole ruler of the daily lives of every individual.


  1. Crystal clear

The children do not have the magical power of levitating in thin air, with the boat. They are on the Sabah Lake, in Malaysia, making their way through the water. As unusual a sight, this is, the water here is not contaminated and the plantation beneath has grown in harmony to make living a lot more easily. This is the sight which soothes the hungry soul and makes things look simpler.


  1. Trey Ratcliff

This picture is not an imaginary depiction of the photographer Trey Ratcliff. This is a real bamboo forest which Japan houses within its boundary. The bamboo trees have all grown in unison, with the same length and the same density and with the same distance apart from one another. What joins them together is the beauty it holds within itself.


  1. A midnight dream?

San Francisco, in all its glory, might have all the beautiful things to gloat about, but what is more, alluring is this view. The picture above shows the beautiful San Francisco covered in fog and lit by tiny street lights, giving it the happy vibe.


  1. Creative

A person adept at the various techniques, of what is commonly known as creative Camouflage, a Chinese artist, Liu Bolin has immortalized a part of Venice in his memories. He has become one with the Castello, Venice and has let the beauty of Venice flow through his veins as he depicts the strange stories that the houses might have to tell, through his artistic prowess.


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