15 pictures too gorgeous to be true


A photographer is not the most skillful person that one would ever come across. He is simply a man who dares to look around. He is the optimist who finds a story even in the horrific of tales. What adds to his story? The beauty of nature!

For time and beyond, nature has been the muse of most of the photographers who has thrived in this business. The impeccable way of holding things, which one cannot even imagine to have existed on the planet, to being the subject of romanticism for all the creative people, Mother Nature has things up her sleeve.

There are places, events, stories, yet to be unfolded by regular men, with their regular lifestyle. Can you imagine paving your way and wading through the heavy formation of clouds, like an airplane? Can you jump off into a well, so gorgeous, it is almost as though luring you in to suck you into the oblivion of its beauty? Here are some of the photographic proof of how beautiful Mother Nature is, and how incredibly talented photographers are to have caught these images, in time.

  1. Paradise?

This is not a fictional picturization of the Garden of Eden. This is the cave of the mountain river or the Hang Sơn Đoòng, in Vietnam. This is what is known as the solutional cave and inside this cave is the subterranean river. This cave, in recent years, has been credited as the largest known cave passage cross section in the world. But keeping the facts aside, this cave is beautiful and in every true sense of the words.


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